Colleges in Fort Wayne Indiana

Fort Wayne, IN, has a high concentration of schools; students can choose from among private and public institutions to find the school that best meets their needs. Based on information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), we compare traditional schools in the area in several different categories.

There are 15 schools in Fort Wayne, Indiana and one additional school in a 25-mile radius. Read about the traditional schools with the highest graduation rates and lowest net prices, among other characteristics, to find the school for you.

Some students may wish to attend larger schools so they can take advantage of the multiple program options and services these institutions have to offer. The larger institutions in the area are almost entirely private schools.

  • Indiana University-Purdue University – Fort Wayne (13,214 students)
  • Indiana Institute of Technology (7,192 students)
  • University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne (2,308 students)
  • Huntington University (1,209 students)
  • Trine University – Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses (675 students)