Best Colleges in Indiana

The Indiana Post secondary Education Coalition, a consulting organization created to keep an eye on state education policies and make suggestions for improvement, is focused on the number of Indiana college students who fail to complete their degree program. They foresee more and more jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree in the next ten years, and the low completion statistics at Indiana colleges and universities creates concern that there will not be enough workers to cover the state’s workforce needs in the future.

According to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education “2015 Indiana College Completion Report,” only 36.1% of the students who begin a four-year degree complete their degree program on time, and only 64.8% complete within six years of the date they enrolled. The Commission is attempting to identify the reason for the state’s low academic completion rates in order to turn this trend around.

With 36,291 square miles, Indiana geographically ranks 38th among the 50 U.S. states. Despite its size, the Indiana Career Outlook places Indiana as the 15th largest labor force in the United States.Career areas anticipated to be growing at a rapid rate over the next ten years include medical assistant (56%) and physician’s assistant (51%). Other healthcare jobs, IT analysts and social service assistants round out the top fields for prospective students to consider. These figures emphasize the need to improve graduation rates.